Five Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes Are Explained
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There’s nothing like a good list of facts to elucidate a topic, and the flurry of recent hate crimes untruthfully claimed by Muslims indicates the rarity of the real thing. But victimhood is a major value of the left, so emotive, colorful lies continue to be spewed.

Below, last month a Muslim teen residing in New York claimed she was harassed by Trump supporters on the subway, but it was all a lie.

Certainly we can expect an explosion of Muslim hate crime hoaxes during the Trump administration, since he has said America should suspend Islamic immigration until, as the candidate said following the Orlando mass murder jihad, “we can find out what is going on.”

Here’s what’s going on: some Muslims believe hijrah — jihad accomplished in infidel lands via immigration — is a duty to Islam and therefore immigration is their right as special allah creatures.

There were no Nazi visas during WWII because even the Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt understood that importing enemies as immigrants would be unwise. But today, Islam has declared war on the west, although many politicians pretend otherwise. The sensible policy should therefore be NO Muslim immigration for the duration.

Islam book author and JihadWatch blogger Robert Spencer has a little list that shows a pattern about hate crime hoaxes and how they are political tools…

Five New Fake ‘Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes’, By Robert Spencer,, January 17, 2017

As Trump’s inauguration approaches, the fake hate crime industry has kicked into high gear. A rash of widely reported “anti-Muslim hate crimes” have turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by Muslims.

Hate crimes are political capital in our petulant, victimhood-idolizing society: when real incidents don’t exist, there is incentive to invent them. The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) andotherMuslimshaveonmanyoccasionsnothesitated to fabricate hate crimes, including attacks on mosques. For CAIR and its allies, this is part of a larger agenda. They wish to deflect attention away from jihad terror attacks and plots, and to end law enforcement scrutiny of what is supposedly an unjustly despised and harassed group.

1. On Saturday, Washington’s Bellevue Reporter noted regarding the arrest of Isaac Wayne Wilson — who is suspected of an arson attack on the Islamic Center of Eastside — that “law enforcement officials are shying away from calling it a hate crime.” But why? Especially since Wilson “reportedly has a history of contentious interactions at the mosque — including a conviction for malicious mischief”?

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Mike Hogan said:

At this point, we haven’t seen any evidence that this is a hate crime. A hate crime is proven by words or actions that the perpetrator was targeting a community because of feelings of animosity towards them.

If Isaac Wayne Wilson has “a history of contentious interactions at the mosque,” wouldn’t law enforcement officials have ample evidence of “words or actions” showing “that the perpetrator was targeting a community because of feelings of animosity towards them”?

Logically, they only would not have such evidence if his “contentious interactions” at the mosque had nothing to do with it being a mosque or with the Muslim identity of the people who go there. Is Isaac Wayne Wilson himself a Muslim? Is this yet another fake anti-Muslim hate crime?

2. At that very same mosque last week, a man was charged with malicious harassment — which is classified as a hate crime — for threatening to murder people at the mosque and for saying: “There is no place in America for Muslims.”

Yet the Seattle Times then tells us that the man, Kamal Samater, “self-identifies as a Muslim.”

The Seattle Times made no attempt to explain why a man who “self-identifies as a Muslim” would threaten people at a mosque and declare “there is no place in America for Muslims.” The Seattle Times made no attempt to explain why the man was being charged with a hate crime despite the circumstances. In light of the many anti-Muslim hate crimes that turn out to have been fabricated by Muslims, the Times could at least have looked into the possibility that this was another fraud. That, of course, would have required it to behave like a legitimate news source rather than a water-carrier for the media’s favored narratives.

3. In Minneapolis, a video depicted a high school girl in a hijab fighting furiously, punching a boy who had supposedly tried to pull off her Islamic garment. According to the Star Tribune:

[The video] has gone viral since it was posted to Facebook, with more than 6.5 million views, more than 161,000 shares and more than 29,000 comments — many supporting the girl, who appears to be defending herself.

It’s easy to see why it was so popular: it depicted the establishment media’s dream narrative. It appeared to show a racist white trying to victimize a Muslim girl, and the girl giving him everything he deserved.

There was just one catch: it was a hoax.

A spokesman for the school district issued a statement explaining that it was a “play fight.” It just happened to feed the mainstream media’s cherished victimhood fantasies.

4. Such fantasies also played out this week in south Florida. A young Iraqi ice skater, Hyatt Aldahwi, has supposedly had her Olympic dreams dashed by a rink owner. The owner supposedly barred her from the rink for being Iraqi, and subjected her to numerous “racist and obscene taunts,” and even death threats.

However, per rink owner Lori Alf’s lawyer, “the Aldahwis’ suit does not spell out where, when, and to whom those alleged comments were made.” Why not?


Hyaat Aldahwi said her friends in the tight-knit skating community felt they had a choice: Lori Alf or her and her mother. They chose Lori Alf, she said.

Really? Is Palm Beach Ice Works filled with nothing but racists and bigots? Was there no one who would stand up and denounce Alf’s supposedly boorish and obnoxious behavior?

The story strains credulity, but the media fed it to you anyway.

5. CAIR has claimed that a kindergarten teacher at David Cox Road Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina, has bullied, harassed, and assaulted a five-year-old Muslim boy. But according to WCNC:

Celeste Spears-Ellis, the principal of David Cox Road Elementary School, said in a letter home to parents Friday that the teacher, identified only as Ms. Simpson, will be returning to the classroom after a thorough investigation found the claims to be unfounded.

Likewise, at San Diego State University, a hijab-wearing Muslim woman claimed that she was assaulted and robbed by two Trump supporters two days after the election. But she has since declined to pursue charges, and there are no suspects — and she is no longer willing to testify.

Perhaps someone has apprised her that filing a false police report is a crime.

You get what you pay for. Our society has been rewarding victimhood, and so we get more of it, and cynical, deceptive groups such as CAIR take advantage by trafficking in manufactured hate incidents.

Clearly there aren’t enough real hate crimes to satisfy the narrative of a bigoted white America. That in itself is telling, but the media and CAIR will never share that with you.

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