First Kerik, Next…Bush?
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Interesting that Bernard Kerik has withdrawn his name from consideration as the head of the Dept. of Homeland Security —because he once employed a nanny who was in our country illegally.

Most of us know that employing, assisting, sheltering or encouraging an illegal alien is …illegal. But, somehow, given that Kerik as New York police chief never protested its policy proclaiming itself a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens, it's not a surprise.

Kerik's stepping aside could be described as honorable, smart, or simply doing the prudent thing.

But he has admitted to actions dwarfed by those made daily by the President himself, and far less damaging to the rule of law and future of America.

Bush does not seem to have the same concerns about allowing 3-4 million illegals a year to enter our children's America—or that he openly ignores his sworn duty to enforce the law that makes it a felony for corporate America to profit from employing the mostly Mexican horde that is changing our nation forever.

I, for one, expect that the President himself be held to at least the same standards as his cabinet nominees.

Or am I being "extreme"?

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