Finally—A Mexican Official Apologizes To Miss USA
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Several months ago, after Mexicans booed Miss U.S.A. in Mexico City, I wrote this in a VDARE.COM article

"The administration of President Felipe Calderon wants us to amnesty illegal aliens, allow in more guest workers and finance economic development in Mexico. But neither he nor anyone in his government criticized the booing...Couldn’t Mrs. Calderon, who had dined with all the girls, have spoken out about it? Shouldn’t Miss Mexico, as the host country contestant, have spoken up more forcefully about it? Couldn’t some Mexican beauty pageant officials or some Mexican celebrity have spoken out about it?"

Well, finally, a Mexican official has apologized.

The apology came in the form of a letter written by Mexico's tourism chief of staff, Gabriel Szekely, who expressed regret for the booing and wrote that

"We understand the concern of the people of the United States about the incorrect behavior of a small group that attended the event. We apologize for the inconvenience, and be sure that Miss Rachel Smith will always be welcome in Mexico."

Well, thank you Mr. Szekely.

Interestingly, the letter, sent through the Los Angeles consulate, was actually addressed to activist Ted Hayes, after Hayes and fellow activist David Hernandez had complained to Mexican Consul Ruben Beltran. It was also forwarded to Miss USA, Rachel Smith.

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