Filmmaker Report: Same Old Anarchy on Border
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Dennis Michael Lynch is a filmmaker and concerned citizen who produced the documentaries They Come To America, I and II. He has passionately warned that open borders is a danger to America, and thinks that Obama regards nation-altering immigration as his legacy, not Obamacare: “You give amnesty to 20-30-40 million people, that changes the country forever. That is a legacy.”

Lynch appeared Friday on Fox’s Kelly File program with some new footage from the border, including interviews with rancher John Ladd and Cochise County Sheriff Mark Danells who both reported the same old chaos despite claims of the Obama administration that the place is under control.

Drug and alien smuggling continue as ever because the border is “wide open” according to the sheriff. Danells further notes that “Every time the federal government talks about amnesty, it goes up 70 percent, to the point they can’t even control it.”

Filmmaker Lynch observed that the current crossers are a 50/50 mix of OTMs and Mexican nationals, a fact that should concern Washington regarding national security, but doesn’t.

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