Filipino Boat Drill=Chinese Fire Drill?
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In Women And Children First? Not On Sinking Italian Cruise Ships, I am one of many people who remarked on the difference between the behavior to the passengers and crew of the Costa Concordia and the the RMS Titanic.

One new factor mentioned by Lawrence Auster—the crew of the Costa Concordia turns out to have been largely Filipino. In Was the problem on the Costa Concordia the West's loss of chivalry, or the West's loss of whiteness? , Auster writes

Consider the fact that of the 1,000 crew members, at least 300 were Filipinos and the rest were largely Asian and Latin American. Mario Pellegrini, the deputy mayor of Giglio, who went out on a small boat to offer advice on the best way to get people on to the island, later told the National Post:

“There was total confusion and then mounting panic as the ship tipped further on to its side. I found no officers on board, not only the captain but also no officers, and the rest of the personnel were all Asian and spoke no Italian and also very little English.” [Emphasis added.]

So yes, again, there has been a decline of chivalry in the West, due to feminism and radical individualism. But that is not the explanation for the crew’s unchivalrous behavior, because the crew came overwhelmingly from cultures that are not known for having a tradition of chivalry.[More]

The RMS Titanic's crew,  many of whom died so that their passengers might live, was recruited from Southhampton, in England. They could all speak English.

A Filipino boat drill, on the other hand, would probably look like a "Chinese Fire Drill" even in good conditions.

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