Feinstein Fails On Dobbs
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California Senator Dianne Feinstein, sometimes seen as relatively sane on immigration, was appalling during her appearance on January 28th CNN Tonight Show with Lou Dobbs.

Regarding amnesty and illegal immigration, Feinstein said:

  • “…We passed Proposition 187…it was found to be unconstitutional. There is a lot of worry somebody’s going to put something similar back on the ballot and that it would pass again.
  • “We have to be practical…There are many people who have been here 15, 20 years, a long time many of whom missed the earlier amnesty….There should be the ability to adjust their status.”

1) Proposition 187 was never “found unconstitutional,” its defense was sabotaged by Democratic Governor Gray Davis.

And no one—except possibly Feinstein, her Congressional colleagues and the Mexican ethnic identity lobby— is worried that a measure “similar” to Proposition 187 would be placed on the ballot. We would welcome it.

2) Feinstein’s suggestion that those aliens who “missed the earlier amnesty nearly twenty years ago are entitled to another one simply sends this message to aliens: just get to the US—and sooner or later you’ll be legal.

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