"Fawning Over A Distant Head Of State"
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In 1953, Harry Truman retired from the Presidency, and went home to Independence, Missouri. He was one of the most modest men ever to be president. That was over half a century ago. 

Mark Steyn wonders if "the Queen ever marvels at the transformation of the American presidency since her time with Truman." He writes in the Orange County Register:

"Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee a few days ago—that's 60 years on the throne. Just to put it in perspective, she's been queen since Harry S. Truman was president. At any rate, her jubilee has been a huge success, save for a few churlish republicans in various corners of Her Majesty's realms from London to Toronto to Sydney pointing out how absurd it is for grown citizens to be fawning over a distant head of state who lives in a fabulous, glittering cocoon entirely disconnected from ordinary life.

Which brings us to President Obama...."



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