Farrakhan's Eloquence on the Southwest and Impending White Minority Status
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The Blaze reports a speech delivered by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in San Diego, California, the day before Memorial Day . The title of the article sums it up: Farrakhan Laments: ‘Sad That Mexico Lost California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico‘ Through American ’Trickery’; Soon Whites ‘Will Be the Minority’ In the Country They ‘Took’ (Benny Johnson, The Blaze, May 29th, 2012).

Here are some excerpts:

That‘s terrible that Americans can call Mexicans ’aliens.’ You know, we ought to be praising the Mexicans because we living on land that was once theirs, San Diego.  

Brothers and sisters, it’s sad that Mexico lost California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado — all of this was once Mexico. And through trickery, a war was started

 Here's my article on how the U.S.  gained the Southwest: On Guadalupe Hidalgo Day, Here's Why the U.S. Has Title to the Southwest.

A racist, white supremist [sic] must be going crazy, you know, because for the first time, Hispanic, black and Asian babies outnumbered white babies. An ominous sign for the future. Now listen now, in the next 30 or 40 years, white people will be the minority in their own country that they took from the native people.

Actually, it's not correct to say that white people took this country from the native people.  This country, this entity now known as the U.S.A. was founded by white people and wouldn't have existed without them.

That must be a terrible feeling, to know that in just a few short years, the majority’s gonna be the minority. And one man, one vote. So, we become governor of every state — ah, we give ‘em a few.”

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