Farewell to Patriot Activist Bob Simmons
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America lost a great patriot last month. Bob Simmons was my mentor in many ways. He and I shared real-time and memories of crazy immigration meetings in California, and when I think of those events and his wonderful, wild, shocking behavior (!), I cannot help but smile. Bob was a great teacher too, and shared his experience and observations of the Black Panther movement (being nice gets a movement nowhere!). I wish we had video of him at a "San Patricio" (St. Patrick's Brigade) event, honoring Irish colluders with Mexican soldiers during the Mexican-American war.

When caught, American soldiers hung the Irish traitors who had been allowed to emigrate to the US in exchange for serving in our military, from which they promptly defected. There Bob sat, a smiling older gentleman, leaning on a cane, listening quietly, so very civilized as seditious speakers glorified Mexican and Irish enemies.

The next moment, as the panelists proudly revealed their Aztlan plan to take over America, Bob jumped to his feet shouting, eyes darting, his cane whirling wildly above his head, looking like he might just use his cane to impale the enemy, or at least whack them hard on the head.

His transformation that evening truly freaked out the open-borders crowd — how could they respond to this "elderly" "disabled" man who possibly posed a threat to them? Of course, they called the cops to silence us Americans. The cops reminded the fascists that we have a First Amendment right to speak freely, a concept foreign to them. Bob later limped out to his car, savoring that sweet victory, and we recalled it with glee for years. I met Bob so many years ago, when we started the battle to keep America for Americans. He was typing up and faxing alerts, and I convinced him (after much pushing and prodding) to buy my old computer so that he could use email and get on the internet.

He really didn't like that new-fangled technology, at least that is what he told me at the time. A couple of weeks later, Bob junked that old Mac, bought a high-powered state-of-the-art computer, and never looked back. As Bob's mobility declined, he became an info hub, courier, and distributor of critical alerts. He rallied our troops over and over again. The fact that he died the very week that We the People turned back a Senate Amnesty Bill from Hell is fitting. Bob fought the fought, ran the race — even when he couldn't walk —and quietly laid down his sword only when Victory was in sight.

Bob ("LucasValley@") was a great foot soldier, dedicated activist, hero, and true American Patriot. He must be counted among the Founding Fathers of the New Republic, which only now is beginning to spring forth in the hearts and minds of awakened Americans. I already miss you Bob! Thank you for your service.

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