Far-Left, Pro-Criminal Judge Pooja Vaddadi Slammed By Seattle City Attorney Is “First-Generation Indian-American“
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The Post Millennial reports:

 The Seattle City Attorney has issued an Affidavit of Prejudice in an attempt to preclude a radical judge from hearing any criminal cases brought by the office.

On Friday, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office (CAO) announced that it will file the affidavit of prejudice against Seattle Municipal Court Judge Pooja Vaddadi.

According to the CAO, “An affidavit of prejudice is a preemptory disqualification of a judge to hear a case. In this circumstance, the CAO has made the decision to preclude Judge Vaddadi from hearing any criminal cases brought by the CAO.”

Seattle City Attorney’s Office moves to disqualify activist judge from hearing any ‘criminal cases moving forward,’ by Ari Hoffman, March 4, 2024

Now the question not being raised by Ngo and The Post Millennial is “Why does Seattle have Judge named Pooja Vaddadi?“ [Tweet her/Email her]

She was born in America, to wealthy Indian parents—her CV includes an expensive Washington State private school and Bryn Mawr College. (She does list Telugu as a second language.)

Here’s what she’s like as judge in Seattle:

 Chief Walton-Anderson informed Judge Vaddadi and Presiding Judge Faye Chess of the CAO’s decision on Wednesday and outlined key issues from the memo alleging that Judge Vaddadi routinely overrules prior findings of probable cause by her fellow judges; repeatedly fails to find probable cause in situations where, clearly, probable cause exists; makes improper rulings related to public safety in domestic violence and DUI cases; and frequently makes erroneous evidentiary rulings for unjustified reasons, rather than articulating any legal analysis.

Chief Walton-Anderson wrote in the CAO memo, “Judge Vaddadi routinely raises arguments on behalf of defendants without prompting or argument from their own attorneys.”

“The resounding input from attorneys that have appeared in her courtroom is that her decisions demonstrate a complete lack of understanding, or perhaps even intentional disregard, of the evidence rules, even on basic issues.”

That’s because she’s an adjunct law professor (at Seattle University) and former Public Defender, but of course her Left, pro-criminal bias is presumably related to the fact that, as she said when running for Municipal Court Judge:

I am a first-generation Indian-American, a child of immigrants, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and would be the first South Asian woman elected as a Judge in Seattle Municipal Court.

Seattle voters should have asked themselves: “Is that a good idea?“

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