Fallen Robert E. Lee Memorial In Roanoke, VA Replaced With Statue Of Henrietta Lacks, Chiefly Notable As Tissue Donor
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The Great Replacement wasn’t just for the living, but for the dead as well. Change the past we celebrate (instead, teach our children to denigrate it) and those in the present have no future.

Statue of Henrietta Lacks, whose ‘immortal’ cells were stolen, to replace Robert E. Lee’s, by Joseph Wilkinson, AL.com, December 23, 2022

A statue of Henrietta Lacks will stand where a monument to Robert E. Lee once stood in Roanoke, Va., city leaders announced Monday.

Roanoke officials said in July 2020 that they were planning to replace the Lee monument when a man took matters into his own hands and knocked it over. The tribute to the Confederate general was never reinstalled.

Instead, local leaders renamed the plaza, which had been known as Lee Plaza, in honor of Lacks. The statue of Lacks is supposed to be finished by October 2023, local CBS affiliate WDBJ reported.

In 1951, Lacks was a 31-year-old mother of five who was diagnosed with cervical cancer at a Johns Hopkins hospital — one of the few hospitals to even accept Black patients at the time.

During her examination, doctors took a sample of the cancerous cells and sent them to a researcher. The cells were taken without her permission. Johns Hopkins claims that was standard practice at the time, but Lacks’ family was later outraged to learn of it.

Unlike most other cells, Lacks’ cells did not die quickly in a lab. Instead, they multiplied every 20 to 24 hours, making them “immortal.”

Lacks’ cells, known as HeLa cells, were influential in numerous medical breakthroughs in the ensuing 70 years, including polio and coronavirus vaccines.

She lived the first four years of her life in Roanoke, about 140 miles west of Richmond, and later moved to Baltimore.

Do we really want to put up a statue of a black female whose cells are being purported to have been influential in so-called medical breakthroughs including the coronavirus vaccine, when we are only learning how this “vaccine” didn’t stop the spread, transmission or infection of a person who got the vaxx?

Few stories sum up the past few years better than this one, where one of the greatest Americans who ever lived saw his statue torn down during a Communist insurrection, only to be replaced by a black woman whose cells created a “vaccine” that did nothing to stop the spread of a virus which only impacted the health of those elderly individuals with comorbidities or who were overweight.

With only a few days left in 2022, can you name a better way to define life in post–George Floyd America than this story?

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