Fact Checking The Fact Checkers: Snopes Doesn't Know Immigration
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Everyone on the internet pretends to be an expert on immigration law, policy, and procedure, including the financial fraudsters posing as experts on everything aside from immigration, like the notorious Brian Krassenstein. Krassenstein knows nothing about immigration policy, procedure, or law, nor does the science writer at Snopes, Alex Kasprak. That is beside the lousy reasoning and tortured logic he uses in an effort to debunk an article about the ongoing Parole Amnesty that the Biden Regime is using to flood the United States with illegal aliens, by Todd Bensman (Center for Immigration Studies [CIS]). It should be noted that Kasprak came to Snopes from clickbait BuzzFeed. His closest association with the government was working as a “science communicator” at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). There is, of course, no basis for immigration law and policy knowledge in those positions.

The article is written in the typical BuzzFeed clickbait style, with lots of short sentences and bullet points, frequent speculation, lies, and misdirection, but very light on the facts, despite links, most of which contradict the claims in the story. Links are important for Snopes’ work on fact-checking, as it gives the appearance of research, but Snopes knows that it is guaranteed that no one follows the links that supposedly prove the point at hand.

The fraudulent fact-checking also relies on the reader knowing nothing about immigration law, policy, or procedure. The Jesuits were commonly accused of lying by omission; for Snopes the lying is by chutzpah, just assuming no one will check the notes or links, unless you have access to an experienced immigration officer with the knowledge to disrupt the lies from the fact-checkers.

In early April 2024, critics of U.S. President Joe Biden accused his administration of flying “33,000 illegal immigrants” straight to New York City. The accusation stemmed from an April 8, 2024, opinion piece in the New York Post authored by the anti-immigration Center for Immigration Studies …

The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified CIS as a hate group. 

Did Biden Really Fly 33K Migrants ‘Straight to New York’?, by Alex Kasprak, Snopes, April 17, 2024

And that is just what this piece is, lies with an open-borders agenda, replete with the allegations of hate. Apparently checking up on a secret government program bringing in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens is hate. This is the go-to for BuzzFeed-level journalism.

As James Kirkpatrick says, you can’t hate journalists enough.

Besides the lying innuendo about hate, it does not start off very well, Kasprak’s knowledge of the immigration programs at the core of the story appears to be close to zero, and the whole exercise is politically motivated shameless baby waving, asylum version. This is all about asylum seekers.

The Biden-sponsored program at issue involves an “advanced travel authorization” (ATA) process for asylum-seekers from certain nations, allowing them to apply for asylum from abroad and then fly to America for a period of no more than two years while they wait for an immigration-court decision. CIS generated viral headlines with an earlier report that Snopes covered in March 2024 which asserted that this program was “secretive” because the government would not tell the CIS which domestic airports the migrants were using.

Here he commits several errors, first, ATA is the technical process by which certain aliens are given authorization to travel, not the program bringing the illegal aliens to the United States. The two are separate and distinct aspects of immigration policy and procedure. The programs are various parole programs: ATA is how the alien obtains entry to the United States, not the legal basis for entering.

The second error is the claim that the parole programs described are for asylum seekers. That is not true. None of the parole programs are for asylum seekers, as that would be illegal. Parole is not for bringing in an alien to the United States with the intent to make an asylum claim. It is a temporary status for limited time and purpose for emergency humanitarian or public interest [Inside The Lawless Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, by Federale, Federale Blog, January 31, 2022].

What Kasprak does not know is that an alien outside the United States who is of a humanitarian interest to the United States and is the victim of persecution is not eligible for parole or asylum, but for refugee status. If that alien is outside the United States, that alien is a refugee or an applicant for refugee status. In fact, it is prohibited by law to use parole as a substitute for a refugee application [Biden Regime Admits They Are Violating The Law By Paroling Refugees, by Federale, Federale Blog, September 29, 2023].

The third error is the claim that the aliens actually paroled are asylum seekers. Kasprak not only fails to support that claim, but the claim is false. [More at Federale Blog]


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