Facebook Takes The Fun Out Of Everything—Especially Riots
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The blond kid who was photographed stuffing a rag into the gas tank of a police cruiser at the Vancouver defeat riot has supposedly been identified: a high school athlete who is on Canada's national Under 18 water polo team, son of a doctor. Cops tend to be persnickety about you trying to blow up their cars, so this doesn't bode well for his previously promising career.

The point of a riot is to enjoy the license allowed by the anonymity of the crowd, but that conflicts with the modern young person's urge to photographically document every single moment of socializing and put it on his or her Permanent Record.

Also, this guy's mom is probably giving him a hard time right now: He should be Photoshopped into historic pictures of disaster, like the Hindenburg exploding.

The world's best organized riots are in South Korea:

The rioters all get issued color-coded two meter cop-whacking sticks. And there are vast numbers of riot police in South Korea because they are conscripts. Unlike other countries, where the first priority of the riot police is to prevent a riot from breaking out and the second priority is to quell rioting, in South Korea the riot police are there to Do Battle. A good time, apparently, is had by all.

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