Ezra Levant: The Project Documentary And The Muslim Brotherhood
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On Friday, Canadian broadcaster Ezra Levant introduced the Blaze’s new documentary that investigates the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the highest levels of the US government. The basis of the film is a written plan that was discovered during a 2001 raid by police in Switzerland of a jihadist hideout.

Called “The Project” by its authors (also the name of the critical film about it), the document is a roadmap for how Muslims can accomplish Civilizational Jihad, and many of its strategies can be seen in action today, successfully chipping away at foundational the freedom of speech in the name of sensitivity and presenting Islam as not an enemy.

Of particular interest in the film is the detailed explanation of the FBI scrubbing its instructional materials of all critical references to Islam because the agency’s Muslim “advisors” insisted they be removed.

Such feeble-minded political correctness from federal law enforcement endangers us all. As military strategist Sun Tzu recommended, “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

You can see the documentary online for the time being at least: Part 1 is below; Part 2 is here.

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