Excessive Immigration: Bad For Manners
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Today’s Letter 03/24/11 - A Nebraska Reader Reports That It's Not Only Asians On Cellphones discussing the Alexandra Wallace Intimidation controversy, reminds me of one of my favorite items on the Angry White Dude blog: WHERE HAVE CIVILITY AND MANNERS GONE? Saturday, June 5, 2010

AWD attended his son’s graduation ceremony yesterday… AWD has attended many graduations over the years and the behavior of various groups at these events has always been quite predictable. Normally, school officials ask all applause be held until all graduates have been awarded their diplomas. This is what follows as they begin to call out the names of the grads:

Brittany Nicole Williams (silence) Andrew Brice Thomas (silence) Latisha Sharonda Jackson (all hell breaks loose, ”Bring it home, girl!” and wild applause and shouting) Bradley Christopher Smith (silence) Leslie Anne Jones (silence) Jose Luis Rodriguez (all hell breaks loose, airhorns, screaming in Spanish and wild applause) Steven Shephard Rogers (silence) Parker Jackson McKay (silence) LaQuantae Farrakhan Sharpton (all hell breaks loose, ”You go, dogg!” and wild applause) Maria Esmerelda Martinez (all hell breaks loose, airhorns, screaming in Spanish and wild applause)

Funny — but as Angry White Dude notes, this behavior is contagious. Either the newcomers assimilate to White America — or White America will assimilate to them. Excessive Immigration is a zero sum phenomenon in more ways than economic.

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