Ever-More-Finicky Americans? Or Maybe More Discerning ...
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A brief story in the June 22, 2010 Houston Chronicle (Man admits putting cameras in restaurant bathroom, by Brian Rogers) informs us that one Mauro Rito will sit in the slammer for eight months because he attached a video camera under a sink in a washroom at his work place, apparently hoping to ogle a female boss in one of her "intimate" moments:
Mauro Rito made one mistake when he turned on the video camera secretly mounted under a bathroom sink to sneak a peek at his boss: He recorded himself adjusting the camera.
What's the immigration connection? Rito is an illegal alien and will be deported after his sojourn.

If you read the linked piece, you'll find that, as with so much of today's workaday journalism, it's written poorly enough to make various basic (though still unessential!) points unclear: e.g. What did Rito's inadvertent recording of himself have to do with his detection by the supervisor? Was this a women's washroom or a unisex facility?

Nevertheless, among the article's 200 online responses from readers (as of 8 p.m. Eastern Time on June 24th) was at least one that made the article's presence on the web worthwhile. Writing at 2:49:48 p.m. on June 22nd, shrewd commenter "Revenge of the Dill" [??] provided this crucial sociological insight, undoubtedly informed by the standard national "conversation" on illegal immigration:

[Rito] was only trying to look at the ladies that real Americans don't want to look at!
Hat tip, as so often, to Glenn Spencer's American Patrol website.
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