Even Illegal Immigration Off Limits On Conservative (?) Talk Radio Shows
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A reader writes
This morning on Kudlow's radio show, during which he has been touting the flat tax and Armey/Norquist Contract From America, a caller pointed out that the best way to deal with economic trouble would be to deport illegal aliens. Kudlow immediately cut him off and said "I don't know how you snuck (sic) in here." He added that there is no mention of immigration in the Contract From America.

Lately, shows with a choice of calls (other than Michael Savage and Bob Grant) have simply stopped taking immigration calls. The only way for an immigration caller to get past the screener on the Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Kudlow, and Hewitt shows is to say that he wants to talk about something else, then abruptly change the subject before he is cut off.

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