Europe Strategizes for Safety during the Holidays
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Over the holiday season, a new concern has grown in prominence, namely “security” — accompanied by a big display of well armed police in large cities. Curiously, we never hear the dollar costs for the extra officers with expensive technology. Also what goes mostly unspoken is the frequent cause — muslim immigration which has allowed mass-murder-minded jihadis to enter the west easily.

Although America has certainly been harmed by allah’s helpers, Europe is orders of magnitude worse off because of its enthusiastic pursuit of open borders, encouraged by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a complicit European Union.

France has been a popular jihad target, with its culturally significant buildings like Notre Dame Cathedral.

All the major capitals of Europe are taking extensive security measures for New Years to protect the people from the diversity the governments allowed:

The Berlin strategy of creating “safe spaces” for women (after the New Years mass sex assaults by muslims against women in Cologne) has become controversial after the criticism by Rainer Wendt. A former police officer, Wendt believes that all of Germany’s public space should be safe for German women, otherwise freedom and equality will have been lost.

Of course, muslim immigration is the cause of European women’s reduced freedom. The US should avoid the same mistake.

Security the top priority for New Year’s Eve in European cities, Euronews, December 30, 2017

A look at security preparations in some of Europe’s major cities, where thousands are expected in the streets to see in the New Year.

Cities across Europe are on alert in the run-up to New Year’s Eve, as the threat of terrorist attacks continues to hang over the continent. Here is a look at plans in some Western European nations.

[. . .]


Germany is on high alert a year after a deadly truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin.

Barricades around the Brandenburg Gate will reassure revellers. And there will be a safe zone for women at the site after hundreds were molested and robbed in Cologne on New Year’s Eve two years ago.

Berlin police say the safety area in the capital’s “party mile” around the gate will feature tents, with German Red Cross staff including psychologists on hand for women feeling harassed.

The move has proved controversial. The head of Germany’s second-largest police officers’ union said a women’s zone planned for Berlin sent a “disastrous message”.

“With this message, you’re saying that there are safe and unsafe zones,” Rainer Wendt told the Neue Osnabrücher Zeitung newspaper. He said the move would amount to “the end of equality, freedom of movement and self-determination,” adding that women had a right to be safe everywhere.

In Cologne, police say 1,400 police officers are to be deployed on the central railway station plaza and around the adjacent cathedral. Fireworks are to be banned, while there have been plans for more video surveillance cameras and improved lighting.

The events in Cologne made worldwide headlines two years ago when groups of young men of North African appearance molested hundreds of women in the city centre.

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