Establishment Loser McSally' Tries Silly "Sexism" Smear. (But Won't Campaign On Immigration)
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Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally launched the lamest attack imaginable against her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly this week. She’s claiming Kelly is a sexist who objectifies women because he appeared in watch ads with attractive models [Mark Kelly Took Part In A Sexist Watch Marketing Campaign, by Kevin Robillard, HuffPost, August 11, 2020].

Here is the horrifying ad in question. Reader beware! This may be too much for your own eyes.

It’s unclear how this offends anyone besides feminist harpies. But McSally and the Republican establishment are feigning outrage over the harmless ads. “Mark Kelly’s willing participation in this type of blatantly sexist marketing campaign is gross, and his refusal to apologize further proves he hasn’t learned his lesson,” McSally communications director Caroline Anderegg told HuffPost. “Arizonans deserve a leader like Martha McSally who has been a pioneer for women and girls, not a sleezy salesman who enables the objectification of women and will do anything to make a quick buck.”

Male RNC staffers also shared the story as proof of Kelly’s horrifying sexism.

This attack makes no sense when McSally and the GOP all allegedly support Donald Trump, a man who loved to be seen with scantily-clad models throughout his public career. Kelly, for his part, apologized for the inoffensive ads.

Kelly leads McSally by over seven points in the current RealClearPolitics polling average. Kelly will likely cruise to victory if the worst dirt on him is that he was photographed with models. Normal Americans aren’t gonna buy the sexism charges—it just makes the GOP look desperate and no better than the Left.


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