Erratum: The International Math Olympiad
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Describing the scoring system for the International Math Olympiad, I said:
From 7 to 15 [points gets you] an honorable mention (with some judges’ discretion)
In fact the scoring is even more straightforwardly rule-based than that.  There is no judicial discretion.
Participants who do not win a medal but who score seven points on at least one problem receive an honorable mention.
That's from Wikipedia, which I didn't check because I don't trust it.  In this case, however, Wikipedia is supported by the data.  For example:  Anthony Flores of Ecuador got an Honorable Mention with scores 0-0-0-7-0-0, but Matteo Migliorini of Italy with scores 6-6-0-1-0-0 didn't, in spite of having nearly twice Flores' total score.  Tough tetrahedra there, Matt.

I apologize for the error.

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