Ernie Sailer, 1917-2012
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My father has died at age 95.[ note: You can email Steve at [email protected]]

Here are a few pictures.
L.A. County Art Museum, 1984
This was taken during the 1984 Summer Olympics, when my father was 67. A general theme in these photos is that he usually looks about a decade or more younger than he really was, which reflects his robust health.

Cabo San Lucas, 1985
Two striped marlins, mine 110 pounds (took about 45 minutes to reel in), my father's 155 (took 75 minutes). We thought we were hot stuff until the next boat brought in a 506 pound blue marlin.

Honda 90, about 1967
I hadn't previously noted my Dad's resemblance to a French comedian. The child actor looks like a drip, though.
Hiking in Topanga Canyon, late 1990s
Atop Lembert Dome, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite, October 1986
Atop Sugarloaf, Rio de Janeiro, May 1978
About 1965
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