Eric Holder Won: American Whites Second Class Citizens
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Attorney General Holder: Kneel when you address me!

In 2009 in A-G Holder: No Hate Crime Protection for White Christians or Servicemen I noted Attorney General Eric Holder’s inept admission that the iniquitous Hate Crimes Bill of that year was intended only to benefit certain privileged groups, and not to apply to ordinary Whites.

That Holder got his wish has now been elegantly demonstrated by the SBPDL blog: More Than a Feeling: Black on (Gay) Black Attack in Atlanta = Hate Crime; Black on White Attack in Philly = Nothing

In essence, in Atlanta the U.S. District Attorney is very interested in accentuating the punishment of a group of Blacks who beat a (Black) homosexual; in Philadelphia there is no interest in similarly treating another Black group, who attacked a taxi driver and his passenger (both white) shouting racial epithets in the process.

SBPDL commends Larry Auster’s accurate assessment

The establishment of “hate-crime” as a category in criminal law adds on to the normal idea of criminal intent the idea of “hate.” …It defines as criminal certain kinds of thoughts, which has never been the case in the Anglo-American legal tradition. …In 1989 an acquaintance said that racism is now worse than murder. With the establishment of the category of hate-crimes, that statement has become literally true.

but goes on

One day, to even acknowledge that Black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime in America will automatically be deemed a "hate crime"… To even point out strange application of the law (when comparing the attacks in Atlanta and Philly) is probably grounds for some sort of punishment in our brave new world.

Actually, as predicted, the Courts are already moving to criminalize hostile comment about Blacks, as Nicholas Stix noted here yesterday. This will be broadened.

SBPDL concludes:

The quick decision to go after Hate Crime charges in the Atlanta story, but to deny that there was a Hate Crime in the Philadelphia situation (when racial slurs against whites were used by Blacks in the latter) shows that the legal war against white people continues unabated.

That is exactly correct. The Obama Administration is a Minority Occupation Government, concerned only with seizing plunder for its constituents at the expense of White America.

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