Epstein-Barr infects Libertarian Convention
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VDARE doesn't endorse candidates, but we have no problems giving a summary of where they stand on immigration.

A few weeks I expressed disappointment in Bob Barr's near complete 180 from immigration reform patriot to open borders libertarian in VDARE. While I thought that his new found stance on immigration would hurt him in the general election, I acknowledged, that "I would be lying if I said that picking back up the standard of patriotic immigration reform would help Barr win the Libertarian Party nomination–anymore than it would it help him become president of La Raza."

This was an understatement. Even Barr's extremely watered down position on immigration still upsets many libertarians. For example, Susan Hogwarth of the Party's Radical Caucus sent a widely circulated open letter to Barr, expressing concern that he proposed to "secure our borders from criminals, terrorists and those seeking to take advantage of the American taxpayer."

Well it seems that my piece may have actually helped Barr. I attended an event last week where I learned that a number of pro-Barr libertarians circulated my article to prove that he wasn't a restrictionist. Two people there told me that they voted for him after reading my piece.

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