End Of The STUPID Party?
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NumbersUSA and Politico  reported earlier that the Gang of Eight—which includes the treasonous John McCain and Lindsey Gramnesty—has reached a deal to end America as we know it. The deal would include a "pathway to citizenship" (amnesty) for the claimed 11 million illegal aliens (actual numbers are probably far higher) with even faster citizenship for illegal farm workers and illegal aliens who are children. On top of this, legal immigration would also be increased—especially for STEM workers.

Of course Marco Rubio has already endorsed amnesty and fake conservative Paul Ryan—who is a consistent voter for immigration, big government plans, and "free" trade deals which increase the trade deficit—may help push the deal in the House.

Unless stopped by a massive public outcry, this deal will further drive down the wages and employment rates of not only those on the lower rungs of employment—such as legal Hispanics and blacks—but also those with middle class technological careers. It will also increase the cost of Obamacare and social programs—and so taxes and probably spending deficits will rise.

But for freedom-loving Americans, the biggest cost will be in freedom as the new citizens vote for massive increases in government. What the STUPID Party doesn't seem to get is it maybe also signal the demise of the Republicans. First, as outraged patriots withdraw their support and second as the tsunami of new citizens casts votes for the biggest spending Democrats they can find.

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