Election Eve White Vote Update—Brown Trailing Overall and in White Vote in New Hampshire, But Victory Still Possible
November 03, 2014, 08:14 AM
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Scott Brown's race against incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen is the most important Senate race for immigration patriots, but Brown is fading in the final days.  A recent Rasmussen poll taken from October 29-30 (behind a paywall for Platinum Members) has the challenger trailing 52-45 overall and losing the white vote 51-44.  Only a few voters are undecided.

A New Hampshire University poll conducted October 29-November 2 actually has the race closer, with Brown within the margin of error, losing by two points 47-45,   More importantly, that's better than a poll taken the previously week where Brown trailed 50-42.  A Brown victory is possible if this trend continues, though it would be an upset.  [UNH poll: Jeanne Shaheen, Scott Brown neck and neck, by Steven Shepard, Politico, November 3, 2014]  [Poll Results — PDF]