El Paso Invites Mexico Crime across the Border
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In El Paso, a hospital is under lockdown conditions in order to protect a Mexican police commander from assassination by drug gangsters.

Doesn't wealthy Mexico have any hospitals that can be made secure from criminals? Inquiring minds want to know.

In particular, why must American lives be endangered to do a favor for Mexico? The hospital will absolutely be a kill zone if the cartels decide to take the cop out. A dinky little singer was blasted in a Matamoros hospital in December for irritating some cartel guys, so murder among the scrubs is not an innovation in crime for Mexican gangsters.

Being generous to Mexicans makes even less sense when you remember that the Mexican army has invaded US territory literally hundreds of times over the last decade. That violation of American sovereignty should remind us that Mexico is an enemy, not a friendly neighbor. We owe them zero favors, to say the least.

Furthermore, as the article helpfully notes, US taxpayers are footing the bill for the wall of police protecting the hospital 24/7.

With Thomason Hospital still under lockdown to protect a Mexican police commander targeted for assassination, El Pasoans wonder whether the drug violence in Ju??rez is spilling to the U.S. side.

But El Paso Interim Police Chief Greg Allen said that the opposite might be true, and that it was improbable that Cmdr. Fernando Lozano Sandoval would be attacked while being treated at Thomason. [...]

The Chihuahua state police are paying Lozano's medical bills, Belmonte said. But El Paso taxpayers are paying for the round-the-clock security at Thomason Hospital.

El Paso still is in the USA, right?
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