Ed West: The Middle East Is Not That Simple
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The brilliant Ed West had a good post up on his Substack account December 14th. Title: "Little Palestines across the Americas."

The point of the post is to put the Eastern Mediterranean ructions in some sort of context. Jews versus Arabs? There's been way more to it than that, all through the last century and more—back to the Balkan massacres of the 1880s.

Jews and Arabs? Meet the Palestinian Christians, the Armenians, the Syriacs, Greeks, Turks, Copts, "Greek-speaking descendants of Muslim Cretans," … The folk over there have been displacing, harassing, expelling, and occasionally massacring each other for a hundred and fifty years. They won't be stopping any time soon.

You want to pick a side? It's not as easy as the who-whom midwits in Harvard Yard make out.

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