Economic Ignorance in Recent H-1b Decision
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Theodp writes on Slashdot:
"Judge Faith Hochberg has denied a preliminary injunction sought by the Programmers Guild to put a hold on a controversial 'emergency' rule change by the Department of Homeland Security to permit foreign students to work continuously in the US for two-and-a-half years after graduation without an H-1B visa.
Faith S. Hochberg isn't a stranger to controversy. Her husband was questioned in a matter of insurance fraud when her confirmation to the district court was pending.

When I was an undergraduate, Maynard Krueger once told me in a private conversation that he felt accounting courses should be required of all law school graduates—since so many of the errors committed by attorneys related to accounting problems. Decisions like this recently one make me think that economics courses should be required of all federal judges ruling on major policy decisions.

This decision shows that specific discrimination against unpopular groups of citizens is alive and well in the United States judiciary. What I think is hopeful here is that the Programmers Guild is forcing Federal Judges to go on the record here. Any actions that show these folks up in any way is probably helpful. I also think it is hopeful that this story made it into There are still some ideologues in the technical community who support open borders in the US—but their ranks appear to be shrinking as the real effects of H-1b expansion become more apparent.

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