Earth Day Musings, 2011
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On the day chosen to emphasize the thoughtful care of our planetary home, much in the public discourse is misguided or upside down. The major environmental organizations push a global warming agenda which has been shown to be overblown in its presentation, at the minimum.

Meanwhile, vital topics have fallen from view, such as the global population rushing toward seven billion persons, an event that will occur sometime this year. It was only 12 years ago when the global odometer crossed the six-billion threshold in 1999. Growth of this magnitude is environmentally unsustainable, as we humans gobble through natural resources that will replenish themselves if allowed to do so, such as fresh water, fisheries and soil. But human efficiency in resource extraction currently overwhelms the wisdom to use complex natural systems in a way to make them last.

In our own country, excessive population growth, fueled by uncontrolled immigration, is similarly environmentally irresponsible. And the people who squawk the loudest about America’s large carbon footprint are the same ones who favor permissive immigration – liberal Democrats.

Furthermore, the destruction of America’s public lands near the Mexican border by the trampling millions of illegal alien trash spewers has been ignored by environmental groups like the Sierra Club. Today, the best defender of American park lands is Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT); see my blog Border Parks Defended against Invader-Friendy Rules.

The video below reveals the devastation of border lands from illegal immigration. Why is this not considered an important environmental issue by the Sierra Club and other lights of the green movement?

Here’s a straight news account from southern Arizona. (In it, a Sierra Club employee mouths the organization’s support for comprehensive immigration reform, otherwise known as mass amnesty.)

Speaking of the Sierra Club and its retreat from American conservation, please see my new article in The Social Contract, The Sierra Club’s Profitable Descent into Leftism.

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