Drunken Illegal Alien Rapes 7-Year-Old Indiana Girl
May 24, 2007, 10:05 PM
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I`m not going to address this story with my usual eloquence, going on and on and shredding the myth that illegal immigration is a "victimless" crime, (Suspect admits he abducted, raped girl, 7,), Indianapolis Star,May 24, 2007). But you might want to drop a note to reporter Vic Ryckaert (e-mail him) asking why he (or his editor) made readers wait until the seventh paragraph before learning that Jonathan Castillo is here illegally. Among the very first things I learned as a young reporter was that my first responsibility was to our paper`s readers. Today, sadly, that rule stands in line behind other priorities, e.g., "do nothing to annoy the `immigrant community` `` (especially those who buy ad space).