Driver's Licenses in WSJ
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Cathy Seipp, who as a Californian is starting to wake up to illegal immigration, had a column on a non-immigration related subject in the WSJ. Here's a paragraph that struck me.

For representatives serving on a public safety committee, these three seem oddly unconcerned with public safety. Mr. Dymally lately has been arguing that it's wrong to deny illegal immigrants driver's licenses, but this is probably just the latest blip in a long career of entitlement politics. OpinionJournal - The Sex-Offender Lobby , October 6, 2005

Of course, this runs counter to the WSJ's line on driver's licenses, and illegals in general See Richard Miniter's classic column, Unidentified Rolling Objects | Let illegal immigrants get driver's licenses. The unlucky date of the column? September 10, 2001. Since then, Miniter may have learned better; the Wall Street Journal hasn't.

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