DREAMnesty Today? Or Stealth Amnesty Tomorrow?
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On the day when the Senate votes on the DREAM Act—an open amnesty—Jim Antle has just posted an excellent American Spectator piece, Immigration Doublespeak, quoting another leaked Obama Administration memo flagrantly plotting a stealth amnesty through executive branch action. This one, which reportedly reached DHS Secretary Napolitano, is very explicit about the need to evade Congress, noting worriedly that

"To create an operationally feasible application program, DHS would require up-front funding and sufficient time to a ramp-up and the need for upfront funding may provide Congress an opportunity to block this initiative if it objects."

Antle adds acidly:

The voters might be even peskier than Congress: "The Secretary would face criticism that she is abdicating her charge to enforce the immigration laws." People who have dedicated their careers to enforcing those laws might also cause annoying problems: "Internal complaints of this type from career DHS officers are likely and may also be used in the press to bolster the criticism."

Emphasis added. Our old friend Federale can take a bow.

President Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution. By circumventing Congress with his Stealth Amnesty, he is clearly courting impeachment.

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