DREAM Act Luring Immigrants To Their Death
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The DREAM Act is back—it promises amnesty for anyone who graduates high school, or joins the Army:

The Borjas Blog: Amnesty Vote #3458 Amnesty Vote #3458

Because of travel and teaching, I've been unable to blog much about the reappearance of the DREAM amnesty. As always, Mickey Kaus is on top of things.

My simple take on the matter: it is profoundly unwise to enact any policy that encourages illegal immigration as long as the border is so porous.

Take care of the border problem and I'll then be willing to talk about what to do with the 12 million illegal immigrants now in the country.

Some of the illegal border crossers motivated by this may die, something I wrote about in "The Moral Hazard Of Not Enforcing Immigration Law"—it's the size of the taxpayer-funded reward that lures immigrants to their deaths in the Arizona desert.

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