Draft Dodgers From Russia, Illegals From Senegal—Diversity Is Strength
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Here’s something about Russian illegals. Since the war broke out a year and a half ago there’s been a big spike in numbers of Russians with cases in New York State’s Immigration Court. A lot of them are avoiding conscription, apparently unaware that fear of conscription is not grounds for asylum in the USA.

And here’s news from the Arizona border. Numbers crossing over in the Tucson sector are now exceeding Border Patrol’s detention capacity. In a single 24-hour period this week the CBP saw over 2,000 illegal crossings.

So what happens to the illegals when there’s no detention space? They get released with a Notice To Appear, that’s what happens. Welcome to America!

The news story I’m getting this from, at the Fox News website, says that in this Tucson sector: "large numbers of single adult men from Africa have been crossing illegally, including many from Senegal."

What is it about Senegal? It’s a small and inconsequential country in West Africa. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nigeria or Ghana or Cameroon or Mauritania showing up a lot, but why Senegal? I guess things are really rough there. Well, well: Senegal’s loss will be the USA’s gain, I’m sure.

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