Dr. Norm Matloff's New Blog "Upon Closer Inspection"
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Dr. Norm Matloff has a new blog, something he's resisted for years, which is why we've posted so many of his newsletters—he wasn't posting them himself. He writes (Who I Am, and Why the New Blog July 4, 2014)
In this blog, my topics will often fall into one of these categories:
  • The tech industry labor market, especially regarding the H-1B work visa and age discrimination (starting at age 35!).
  • STEM education issues.
  • University admissions policies, particularly related to diversity.
  • China–culture, politics, language, relations with the U.S.
  • Economics.
People have been urging me to write blogs for years, but I resisted until a few months ago, when I began a blog called Mad (Data) Scientist, on statistics and the R programming language.  That seems to be working out, so it’s high time to start one on social issues.
I saw his previous blog, but didn't link to it, because it really is only for specialists—the most recent post is A Matrix Powers Package, and Some General Edifying Material on R.

Not the kind of thing non-mathematicians find edifying.

My first post will be on the recent influx of children from South America into the U.S. without authorization. Sadly, the kids’ parents have been deceived into thinking that U.S. policy allows them to stay. You will be surprised to find that this incident is something of an echo of events that took place more than 20 years ago. Stay tuned for details!

See Deja Vu: Migrants Led Astray , July 5, 2014 which compares the Border Surge teens with the Chinese illegals smuggled in on the cargo ship Golden Venture, which "ran aground near Queens, NY, on June 6, 1993."

Go read it, and bookmark the new blog.

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