Don't Just Discard That Political Junk Mail!
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Peso D Bush

For immigration-sanity patriots, this is a reminder about using the incessant donation-begging mailings that you probably receive from Republican and/or Democratic national committees to our possible advantage: Print copies of the faux zero-peso notes that you'll find appended to this blog entry—one featuring George Bush Jr. (as the late, much-missed Terry Anderson dubbed him), the other featuring Wonderboy—and send them in the postage-paid envelopes that usually accompany the begging letters.

Thus these shameless beggars wind up paying the first-class postage to get a well-deserved (figurative) stick in the eye from us.  If enough of us do this, perhaps the lowly envelope-openers will notice and pass the word to their post-patriotic plantation masters.

I've been doing this steadily since the peso notes first appeared on the scene some years ago, but in recent months I've let the return envelopes and the accompanying donation forms accumulate, so now I'm ready to inject a whole slug of them into the system, all at once:

- 2 to "Friends of John Boehner"

- 6 to the Republican National Committee

- 10 [!!] to the National Republican Senatorial Committee 

- 2 to the National Republican Congressional Committee

- 1 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

- 1 to the campaign of an individual Democratic U.S. senator who's running for re-election this fall.

Indeed, those 22 went out in today's mail. 

Conceivably my 10 raspberries arriving at the National Republican Senatorial Committee over the course of a day or two will attract some attention there all on their own.  But any VDARE readers who can contribute to the barrage should please do so!

Here are detailed pointers, recycled from the last time I suggested this activity:

1. Download the desired image(s), each being a JPEG file of about 100 kB, to your own computer.  (Instructions for those who are even more computer-allergic than I: Place your cursor over the "peso" image, right click [or left click, I suppose, on a mouse used by a leftie], select "Save Image As," browse for a place on your machine to save it, and click "Save.")

2. Print the needed copies of the appropriate peso note(s).  In my experience, printing from these files actually yields two of the images on a single 8.5" X 11" sheet.  If you use the backs of already-printed pages from your recycle bin, your only cost will be toner or ink for your printer.

3. If you have the energy, customize your peso note with something like "End LEGAL immigration, too—it's of no benefit to citizens," written in adjacent to the image.  (I use red ink.)  Enclose it in the envelope and, to bulk it up, include the remittance form or "issues survey" that usually is part of the begging-wad.

Most of the Republican pleadings are accompanied by those opinion surveys on public issues.  I've always assumed that such surveys are completely phony and, thus, are simply discarded when they reach their destinations.  But it would be interesting to have confirmation, or rebuttal, from anyone who's ever actually worked in such a setting: If so, please email me at [email protected] or send a note to VDARE via [email protected].  (Yes, we can keep it anonymous.)

I never bother to fill out the surveys, even those that include window-dressing questions about immigration.  (However, I do include them in what I mail back, leaving intact my pre-printed name and address.) 

But this time, with more than a dozen surveys available, I looked at what each had to say—actually ask—about immigration.  The subject appeared on all of them, but nearly always at the boilerplate level, e.g.:

- "Should we do more to secure our border with Mexico?"

- "Do you believe that we should continue to insist on measureable progress in securing our borders and ports?"

The surveys never contain specific, serious words such as "workplace enforcement," "identity theft by illegal aliens," "E-Verify," or "fraudulent asylum and refugee claims."  Nor is there ever a mention of legal immigration, which is the fundamental problem.

One question from a survey by the National Republican Senatorial Committee did sound as if it was written by someone who might actually be interested in the answer: Under the category "The Future of the Republican Party," the question was, "Do you believe the Republican Leadership in Congress needs to listen more closely to grassroots Republicans on issues such as spending, ethics, and immigration reform?"

(The oddest question had nothing to do with immigration.  The "Republican Senate Leadership Survey," under its category of "Retirement Security," asked "Do you support exempting retirees from property tax increases on their primary residences?"  Implication: Maybe U.S senators, solons that they be, should wade in on the subject of state property taxes, too.  Geesh.)

Anyway, VDARE readers, please help send a blizzard of zero-peso notes to our benevolent masters!

Peso De Obama




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