Don Collins On Frosty Woolridge vs. 850KOA Immigration Enthusiast Ross Kaminsky
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As a liberal committed to respecting the dignity of people of all ethnic descriptions, I reacted to the Donald Sterling affair as most all Americans did. Awful. And his rambling apology—pathetic. His attack on Magic Johnson—utterly unfounded. AIDS was not Magic’s creation!

However, let us not let cries of racism blind us to the fact that we are allowing a multicultural nightmare to evolve in the USA without a vote of our citizens and without proper enforcement of existing immigration laws.

My longtime friend Frosty Wooldridge has just produced an Op Ed on Before Its News, entitled Multicultural America: Land of Strangers  (May 14 2014) that powerfully expresses the insanity of this endless, mindless, feckless, greed-driven immigration:

Yesterday, my wife Sandi and I shopped at a Costco store in Denver, Colorado. It sounded and felt like shopping in different countries with so many languages being spoken and strange modes of dress.

We encountered immigrants from Pakistan, India, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Somalia, China and another half dozen countries. Since they spoke in their native languages, we felt zero commonality with them. We felt like strangers in our own community.

Let me speak to this harsh reality… [Third World countries] continue producing more children than they can water, feed or sustain. Result: they create an endless refugee line of desperate immigrants seeking any country that still offers enough water, food and shelter….

Last month, I interviewed on the Ross Kaminsky radio show at in Denver. I mentioned that the current 1965 Immigration Reform Act injected over 100 million immigrants into our country from 150 countries in the last 45 years. He said, "So what!"

I said, "We face more fragmentation and fracturing than ever before in the history of the United States. We’ve got racism raging more than ever with Mexican Mafia invading Los Angeles and pushing African-Americans out. We’ve got Black Flash Mobs in Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis knocking down and killing European-Americans. We’ve got Somalian drug gangs in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We’ve got Muslim ‘honor killings’ and ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ in America."

He said something like, "You always face crime and differences no matter where you are in the world."

"Well," I said. "If the S744 amnesty bill passes the House, instead of 1.1 million immigrants annually, they increased it to 2.0 million legal immigrants annually. That doubles the speed of immigration to overwhelm our society."

"We can handle another 100 million immigrants and more," he said.

"But can we double our population from 319 million to the projected 625 million?" I asked him, "What about quality of life, standard of living, water shortages (already experienced in seven states in 2014), energy, resources and environment?"

"The Earth can handle it, the oceans can handle all the carbon we can pump into them," Kaminski said…

We could have stopped it. We could have stopped mass immigration by our actions to stop the S744 amnesty and reducing all immigration to less than 100,000 annually.

But instead, you’ve got Ross Kaminskys… This whole situation won’t end in a pretty picture.


( links added). And much, much more. Read the whole thing, and congratulate Frosty here!

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