Does Frist want proof the natives are restless?
April 09, 2006, 08:24 PM
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Impressive developments on Senator Frist's VOLPAC message board, noted by Peter Brimelow on Saturday as having been apparently captured by critics of the Senate Amnesty cave-in - with which the Senator finally associated himself.

When I first looked at this thread, on Saturday morning, there were 13 comments. Now (3pm East Coast time Sunday) there are 580 comments. More than 90% are furiously hostile to Amnesty, and all the bills the Senate has considered. More than a third of these are very rude about Senator Frist. Many assert an intention never to vote, contribute, or work again for the Republicans as currently led. Maybe 5% vacantly congratulate Frist for his actions. A handful are pro-immigration.

For an immigration reformer, the comments are a pleasure to read.

But the interesting fact is that Peter was mistaken: the thread is moderated. VOLPAC's staff are letting remarks bitterly critical of their boss go up on their site.

I doubt this is a mutiny: it has gone on too long. Could it be that the Senate Majority leader wants a way of demonstrating how high passions are running? To help him stand off the White House?

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