Does Facial Recognition Software Work on Masked Men?
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The single most useful tool against Antifa’s free anti-speech violence has been old anti-KKK laws against wearing masks in public.

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, when everybody (including me) came out in favor of wearing masks, massive looting broke out across America.

An interesting question is whether the recent advances in facial recognition software work with masks or not. Before masks, they’d made huge advances in reducing false positives. Judging by these pictures of the candidates, I’d say that “probably,” especially if you have a lot of wrinkles.

On the other hand, not many looters are 1/3rd as old as our candidates.

On the gripping hand, few cities besides utopian San Diego seem very interested in identifying looters.

On the other other other hand, you ought to wear a mask whenever you go out in order to avoid being filmed as part of a black “actress/stunt woman’s” stunt to get the whole world to hate you. Anonymity is the Average White Person’s safest refuge these days.

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