Does Bush Want Democrats To Win Next Week?
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Looking at the headlines from the Washington Times. (one of the only two newspapers worth reading although I can't think of the other) this morning, I noticed something peculiar.

The Times is running a five-part series titled The Next Congress and the topics are:

Hmm, let's see...Part I bad, Part II bad, Part III bad, Part IV good and Part V bad.

Basically what the Times is saying is that a new Democrat-controlled Congress would not bode well for Bush...except where immigration is concerned...and this got me thinking!

Bush has always been so emotional and passionate about his stance on illegal immigration (you remember the maudlin mantra: "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande"...blech!) that at times, passing an amnesty bill seems to be his highest priority. Oh yeah, I think Bush is hoping to be remembered as "the illegal alien President."

I'm not suggesting that Bush is sabotaging the GOP or that he is even aware of what he is doing but considering what a Democrat-controlled Congress would mean for his immigration/amnesty plan, he probably wouldn't mind a Democrat victory next week.

If the President were truly a consevative all five of those stories in the Times would show the Bush administration at odds with a liberal Congress, right? And it does, except where immigration is concerned...the best hope for Bush's immigration/amnesty plan is a Democrat-controlled Congress...and he may get it!

Normally, a President would be campaigning hard right about now if his party was faced with losing their majority after more than a decade—but that isn't happening, folks.

Illegal immigration is not the President's pet project; it's his Achilles Heel.

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