"Diversity" Means Beijing Must Rule All Under Heaven
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“Diversity” is our highest value.

But people seem to disagree on exactly what it means in practice. To blacks, it means that blacks should win all the Grammys and Oscars. After all, nothing could be more Diverse than Beyonce winning all 80 or so Grammys every single year.

To Angelo Mozilo, Diversity meant Hispanics (and everybody else, while he was at it) shouldn’t have to document their income or provide a down payment in order to qualify for a mortgage from Countrywide.

And to Chinese students in the U.S., Diversity means shutting up the Dalai Lama. From QZ:


Chinese students in the US are using “inclusion” and “diversity” to oppose a Dalai Lama graduation speech

by Josh Horwitz, February 15, 2017

Chinese students are joining their peers on American campuses in getting woke. Their cause? Defending the official line of the Communist Party.

… The announcement triggered outrage among Chinese students who view the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader as an oppressive figure threatening to divide a unified China. …

As the aggrieved students have trumpeted their opposition, their rhetoric has borrowed elements from larger campus activist movements across the United States. The upshot: What Westerners might perceive as Communist Party orthodoxy is mingling weirdly with academia’s commitment to diversity, political correctness, and other championed ideals.

Somehow, this is all the White Man’s Fault.

Hmmmhhhhh …

I’ve got it.

The Dalai Lama’s tutor, Austrian mountain climber Heinrich Harrer, was a Nazi!

The UCSD Shanghai Students organization announced:

As Chinese alumni, we are proud to be part of the growing UC community because of its diversity and inclusiveness. When addressing such a diverse community, there is a greater responsibility to spread a message that brings people together, rather than split them apart. During the campus commencement, there will be over a thousand Chinese students, families, and friends celebrating this precious moment with their loved ones. If Tenzin Gyatso expresses his political views under the guise of “spirituality and compassion,” the Chinese segment of this community will feel extremely offended and disrespected during this special occasion.
USCD should fire the Dalai Lama and instead hire Ta-Nehisi Coates to give his usual spiel about how People Who Believe They Are White crush Black Bodies.

That wouldn’t offend or disrespect anybody. Or at least not anybody who matters.

Seriously, globalization means that everybody is in everybody else’s face all the time now. UCSD has 3,569 Chinese nationals as students, most paying full tuition. And these Chinese residents just want to have what everybody else on campus wants: a boot stamping on their enemy’s face forever. Is that too much to ask?

Traditionally, the system has been set up to allow “minorities” to act out by telling the white majority to take it like a man. After all, there are only a few minorities in this world compared to the vast majority who are white, so if minorities act out, those insults get diluted by the vast numbers of whites to absorb the insults.

I mean, how many Chinese people can there possibly be on Earth?

Oh. Really?

Okay … well, I guess I hadn’t thought much about the technical numbers.

But what about at UCSD in La Jolla, CA, where the Romney family lives? Surely the student body must be 90% blond Haven Monahan surfers, right?

What? Only 20% of UCSD undergrads identify as white?

Holy Toledo. I had no idea. This Diversity thing is getting out of hand …

But [gathering oneself] that’s not the point, the point is that white people are the Legacy Majority and will just have to go taking it like a man. For the sake of Diversity.

Okay, we didn’t actually think through the end game when we started this process. We just assumed that the mighty white man would always be dominant, so white could concede just a sliver of their right to the paltry numbers of minorities. But now you are telling me that in a globalized world, whites are a minority!

Who knew?

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