Diversity is Strength...It's Also Cop-Killing
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Cop-killer and child rapist, Lovelle Mixon, has quickly become a cult hero among many Bay Area blacks. On Saturday afternoon, March 21st, Mixon shot two policemen who had just pulled him over in downtown Oakland. As both officers were lying on the street, Mixon then stood over them and fired again, just for good measure. Mixon then fled to his sister's apartment where, hours later, he shot three more officers who were trying to apprehend him, killing two.

Nixon was black and all of the policemen were white, including one half-Asian officer.

Within hours a group of blacks appeared and taunted the officers who put up police tape around the crime scene. Next, they assembled a small shrine to Mixon outside the apartment where he died, and many blacks continue to go there to pay their respects to the greatest cop-killer in Oakland's history.

A few days after the shooting, a large group of blacks protested Mixon 's death in downtown Oakland chanting "OPD you can't hide €“ we charge you with genocide." Mixon's funeral, held the following week, was attended by over 500 mourners.

A Bay Area policeman sent me this pro-Mixon flyer that was recently left on the windshield of a police car in nearby Martinez, CA. It looks like someone wanted to "send a message" (however incoherent) that Mixon's rampage was "payback" for the fatal New Year's Day shooting of Oscar Grant by BART police. Click here to view the flyer.

Many politicians, like Sens. Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and Gov. Schwarznegger, all turned out for the officers' funeral, and praised them as heroes. President and Mrs. Obama also sent condolences.

However, is it not an insult to the memory of these officers, as well as those who still serve, that not one of them has condemned the hero status this killer is receiving from much of the black community?

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