Diversity is Strength...It's also Cockfighting
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Animal cruelty is a part of many immigrant cultures, as Brenda Walker has ably explained. But you never hear that mentioned in the MSM. That is why it's such a pleasure to see that Monday's Boston Globe has a lead story on the growing problem of cockfighting rings in Connecticut—and they didn't bury the immigration dimension either (well, not too much).   The story also contains video.

This is unusual for the Boston Globe, which usually puts out an immigrant sob-story every week, such as the recent "Immigrants with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Face Hurdles."

I'm still waiting for PETA to make the link between immigration and animal cruelty. But this is a big (if temporary) step toward in immigration honesty for the Boston Globe. Congratulate Globe writer Kevin O'Brien ([email protected]).


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