Diversity in Travel: Middle Eastern Men's Disturbance Causes Flight to Return to Portland
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Apparently a couple of fellows on the way to Houston got upset about seating or the no-smoking sign or maybe the presence of non-Muslims to the extent that the pilot had to fly the plane back to its place of departure.

Passengers reported that the miscreants yelled “Allah is great” but the offenders were subdued by the American men who helped get the situation under control. A tackling occurred, and the two Middle Easterners were arrested when the plane landed back in Portland.

Continental Airlines reported that the incident was “not a security issue.” Right. We are so reassured.

Interestingly, the Portland Oregonian report didn’t say anything about the Allah Middle Eastern aspect at all, but explained that an airliner returned to its airport because a man wouldn’t put out his smoke.

Feds detain passenger who used electronic cigarette, became ‘uncooperative’ on flight out of Portland International Airport

A flight returned to Portland International Airport this afternoon after a passenger pulled out an electronic cigarette and “was not cooperative” when asked to turn it off, authorities said.

The man, whose name was withheld, was detained and questioned by airport and federal authorities, said Steve Johnson, a spokesman for the Port of Portland.

Beth Anne Steele, an FBI spokeswoman in Portland, said he was held on a federal detainer pending formal charges, likely Wednesday morning. [. . .]

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