Diverse Muslim Immigration Has Made Britain a Terror Exporter
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How the nation of Churchill has fallen. Once a bastion of freedom and the ideals of Western civilization, the foolish embrace of multiculturalism has weakened its belief in foundational principles and opened its doors to barbaric enemies.

Dale Hurd reports on the startling cultural degradation, ranging from sharia-run neighborhoods to British soldier Lee Rigby being slaughtered on a London street in the name of Islam and young English girls being systematically abused by Muslim rape gangs as authorities looked the other way.

In 1961, the Muslims residing in England and Wales numbered only 50,000, just .1 percent of the population of those nations. Unwise immigration caused the damage.

A recent study found that white British children will be outnumbered in state school classrooms in England within 23 years so quickly has immigration transformed the nations demographic make-up.

Now British-born and -raised Muslims are active jihadists spreading Allahs special chaos in the Middle East. Authorities fear their violent return and recently increased the terror threat assessment to Severe, the second-highest level.

Obviously the lesson of Britain for Western nations is to end Muslim immigration completely yesterday.

How Britain Became a Global Exporter of Terrorism, CBN News, by Dale Hurd, August 29, 2014

LONDON No one who has been paying attention to the growth of radical Islam in Britain should have been surprised that the terrorist who stood over murdered American journalist James Foley had a London accent.

Over a thousand British Muslims are now fighting for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. And more are joining every day.

The key thing to realize about British fighters in Syria is theyre not there to take a back seat role. They are very much at the forefront of this conflict, Shiraz Maher, an expert at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, said.

Exporter of Terror
Britain is now a major exporter of terrorists, the result of multiculturalism. There have been warning signs for years.

Eight years ago, CBN News showed viewers Muslims protesting in London against the Mohammed cartoons and chanting Jihad is on its way.

Today, Britain has functioning Sharia courts and Sharia patrols enforcing Islamic law on the streets.

Islamic halal food is everywhere. And Islam is today the fastest growing religion in the United Kingdom.

YouTube video shows a young white English woman in Muslim dress saying, I gave up a successful modeling career to become a Muslim and Im very happy.

Even though Muslims are still a relatively small minority in Britain, many Britons feel as if their nation is being handed over to Islam, that the government doesnt care about promoting or protecting traditional British, Judeo-Christian values either because it doesnt believe in them anymore, or because it doesnt want to be labeled as intolerant.

British civilization has been a gift to the world. But the British elites dont care so much about their own civilization anymore. And it is into this vacuum that Islam is advancing.

Sure, the British still care about their queen and tradition, but radical Muslims have been allowed and even encouraged to build a parallel society within this officially Christian nation.

Its a problem in several European countries.

The Wests Sin of Self-Hatred
The reason we have capitulated in the West so much to Islam is self-hatred, said Anne Marie Waters, a former leftist who runs Shariawatch UK, and a rising star within the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Theres an underlying self-hatred of our own societies, of our own cultures, she explained. Its perpetuated by the Left. Weve got this multiculturalism, this dangerous multiculturalism in Britain, which is killing women, killing girls.

And the Left not only doesnt say anything about it, but continues to push for it, even though it knows, even though it can see that its killing girls, Waters continued. We know for a fact there are mosques in this country where little girls of 8,9,10 years of age are being married and being raped.

When British soldier Lee Rigby was decapitated in the streets of London, one of the first things Prime Minister David Cameron said was that the murder was not because of Islam.

After the Foley decapitation, Cameron said it again.

And to be sure, many Muslims have condemned the murder.

Shuman Khan, a London Muslim, said, As a Muslim, I feel this shouldnt be. You shouldnt do bad things.

I think its disgusting. I think a lot of extremists have taken over and hijacked Islam, Qaiser Iqbal, a London Muslim, said.

But Waters said that while peaceful Muslims are not to blame for the violence of radicals against women and non-Muslims, she saids the religion of Islam is to blame.

We come back to this Its only a tiny minority of extremists. Its got nothing to do with Islam. But the point is, this stuff is coming directly from the Quran, from the Hadith, Waters told CBN News.

Enough Is Enough
The British governments weak response to radical Islam has led to the formation of citizen groups and protest movements like the English Defence League and BritainFirst.

BritainFirst confronts Sharia patrols and has horrified the British establishment by having the nerve to go into mosques to pass out Bibles to Muslims.

Video shows Britain First Chairman Paul Golding giving a Muslim a Bible and saying, There is a nice British Army Bible, spreading the word of Jesus Christ around Bradford. Reject the false prophet Mohammed and accept Jesus Christ.

Golding defends the actions.

This is a Christian country. Our heritage is Christian. We hold it dear, he said. So, giving out Christian Bibles in a Christian country on British streets to people who are British citizens we dont see anything wrong with that.

But when CBN News was with Golding, he was dodging the police, who seem to view him as a troublemaker.

The British government is going to have to decide whether it cares more about being viewed as tolerant, or about stopping terrorism because the whole world is now paying the bill for Britains experiment in multiculturalism.

Weve got to start dealing with this, Waters said. Weve got to say, Look, we have freedom of speech. You cant beat up women. We dont stone people to death for their sex lives. You have to accept that or you cant live here.

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