Diverse Miami is Less than Super
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Here's a less-than-laudatory Superbowl Sunday overview of this year's hosting city, Miami, home to the largest foreign-born population in the country. The columnist uses Rep Tom Tancredo's criticisms of a few months back as a starting point.

The NFL Network has been running a great series on the history of the Super Bowl called "America's Game," which will be played today in a city that, some say, no longer resembles America. [...]

[Tancredo] noted the rate of violent crime in Miami is triple the national average, while the murder rate was 2.5 times as great. He also quoted the U.S. Department of Justice, which labeled South Florida the "public corruption capital of the nation," as almost 600 people were prosecuted on corruption charges between 1996 and 2005. I'm really envious of that. Rampant, relentless malfeasance by the government stooges there has made Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen a millionaire author.

In his Herald piece, Tancredo added that since 2002 "a net of 151,000 Miami residents, most of them middle class, have left Miami," which is in a county with a 51 percent foreign-born population, the highest in America. On TV today, the setting will depict the city as glitzy, glamorous, exotic and sexy. Yet behind the cameras, as the numbers indicate, Miami is violent, corrupt, poor and, in many respects, alien to the rest of America. [Behind the Super city's glitz and glitter, By Bill Thompson, Ocala Star-Banner, February 4, 2007]



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