Disparate Impact For Thee, Not For Me: "Inside The Secret World Of The Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win"
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SWPL Central

Remember this photo from last spring of Obama campaign headquarters? Well, here's a Time article entitled "Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win," and here's the accompanying photo of some of Obama's MoneyVote sabermetricians:

The Whiteness Of The Obama Datanauts

This one has a smaller sample size, but I notice a lot of white guys and some white gals, but, once again, virtually no non-Asian minorities, which is striking considering the demographics of the Chicago employment pool. (Notice the Flag of Chicago flying proudly over the Obama HQ employees. By the way, I worked at a marketing research / software company in downtown Chicago way back in the 1980s, and I had a black boss, Tray Anderson, a good guy, for a couple of years, so it's hardly impossible for a Chicago operation to hire black talent.)

You might almost think the concept of disparate impact discrimination in hiring would be applied here as vigorously as the Obama Administration has applied that concept elsewhere. But, you would be wrong.

On another note, judging by how the Obama campaign outmaneuvered the Romney campaign in almost all the swing states, you'd have to say that Obama's Moneyvote experts out-performed Romney's vaunted hired guns. But which ones do you think got paid more per capita?

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