Did Steve McNair discover: Muslim Immigration dangerous?
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Looks like former NFL quarterback Steve McNair just discovered what Steven Steinlight figured out years ago: Muslim immigration is dangerous.

McNair was found dead, with four bullet wounds, on a couch in his apartment in Nashville on Saturday afternoon. On the floor with him, dead from a single shot, was Sahel Kazemi (20) who had a gun beneath her. Nashville police: Steve McNair's death a murder, second victim's unknown by Sean Leahy USA Today 03:10 PM/ET, July 05, 2009

Although at this writing, none of the over 2,000 headlines collected on Google News says this, Sahel Kazemi came from Iran.

Kazemi was actually the aunt of Sepideh Salmani, but they were raised as sisters. Salmani's mother adopted her when she was 9, after Kazemi's mother was killed in their native Iran

Kazemi's sister: "She would never kill anyone, ever" BY KATE HOWARD ” THE TENNESSEAN ” JULY 5, 2009

This article indicates that McNair was leading what might be described as a risky private life:

Kazemi told her sister that McNair was in the process of divorcing.

"That's why she was like, 'OK, now you're divorcing. We can date,'" Salmani said. "He told her, it was going to be finished, the whole divorce was going to be done, two weeks from yesterday."

Although a check of Davidson County's court records shows there is no divorce pending – at least in Nashville – McNair's house is for sale….

Salmani said her sister believed that she and McNair would move in together once the divorce was final, and eventually marry.

For better or worse, it appears Muslims — indeed Middle Easterners generally, and not just the men — judge matters concerning social/sexual behavior far more sternly than does the contemporary West. That is why ”Honor killings” have become such a problem in Europe. They are becoming a problem here. For the McNair family, the problem just arrived.

Another issue, equally disturbing from a VDARE.com point of view, is that efforts are being made on the comment threads and in the blogosphere to blame Sahel Kazemi's former boyfriend Keith Norfleet, who sounds neither Iranian nor Black. (Not a shred of evidence supports this allegation.)

From The Tennessean:

Littlebsmom wrote: [Im sure it will come out it was her x boyfriend….7/5/2009 1:43:22PM

Antioch73 wrote: Come on. The ex did it, everyone knows that. 7/5/2009 1:58:48 PM

Soon we will be hearing this killing was a Hate Crime, with demands for a white accused!

Not being a ”Minority” in 21st Century America is getting increasingly dangerous.

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