Did Seal Team Six "Look Like America"?
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In World War 2 the allied air forces learned the technique of building up fire storms in German cities. Today the MSM bombers are circling as they try to turn the Bin Laden killing into a firestorm of approval for President Obama.

How to keep the blaze mounting with no fresh news? The temptation to break military protocol and sacrifice the confidentiality of Seal Team Six for a media circus at the White House must be tremendous.

But there is one small problem: the overwhelming probability is that, taken as a group, the men who fought this action look more like a Waffen SS squad than the Harvard Law school student body (or the Obama Administration).

This sorting process as one gets closer to the sharper end of military activity is notorious and Steve Sailer has discussed it. Years ago when his country's air force was primarily concerned with dealing with Arab warplanes rather than massacring civilians, an Israeli remarked to me that the pilots were amazingly Germanic in appearance.

This is not going to please a President who managed to work into a combat bulletin an assertion of the importance of

"the struggle for equality for all our citizens"

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