Did Hillary's Defeat Open the Floodgates on Bimbo Eruptions?
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Warning: Mixed Metaphors Ahoy

My guess is that if Hillary had won, then we wouldn’t be seeing this landslide of revelations against key men in the most pro-Democratic industries. Harvey Weinstein, the keystone figure in all this, was a huge Clinton supporter and if his candidate had become president, that probably would have intimidated his victims for another 4 or 8 years. But with the Clintons washed up and people fearing them and their friends less these days, the dam has burst.

Keep in mind that the Clintons and Hollywood have been interconnected at covering up “bimbo eruptions” at least since early 1992 when the Clintons hired Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano to impugn Gennifer Flowers.

Pellicano’s specialty was bribing phone company and police department employees to wiretap the victims of powerful men in the entertainment industry so they could be blackmailed into silence.

Pellicano is currently getting close to getting out of prison. The feds have his wiretapped files, but he has refused to give up the password. It would be interesting to know who is going to pay him off for his omerta when he walks out the door of prison.

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